TTHP's Purpose:

The Thriving Hive Project (TTHP) is a project about bringing awareness to the community regarding the importance of sustaining the honeybee for food security. Through the Thriving Hive Project I installed and currently monitor two beehives and 8 bee hotels in my community. With the help of Rotary at my middle school I organized, fundraised, and planted a non gmo, drought tolerant, pollinator safe, native California garden. In addition, I take time to speak to students and young Girl Scout troops in my community regarding the importance of pollinator health. This project is important because bees are one of the major organisms that are keeping our ecosystem alive. During this process I have learned to enjoy beekeeping as a hobby. Learning about bees is fascinating especially how they are very intricate, hard working, and loyal to their hive. 

Photos by Claire Goodowens- NYLC Leader

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